In order to become a pro photographer, you need to do more than just buying yourself a DSLR. This is so, as the availability of different dials and buttons can render you a bit confused. Even the auto function doesn’t work during some particular conditions.

Hence, it is essential to learn the controls and use them to get the best possible outcome. Here are some of the tips to follow if you want to use your DSLR like a pro.

Learn the Shutter/Aperture Priority modes

Manual mode also offers some kind of assistance to the users by allowing them to choose Shutter Priority mode and Aperture Priority mode. These are somewhat semi-auto modes for better performance with less customization.

Aperture lets you decide how much light should enter into the camera and during aperture mode you can control the size of your aperture. The camera will handle the shutter speed and capture a well-exposed photo.

Pay Attention to Autofocus Feature

DSLR Like a Pro

You see a wide array of focus points when viewing through the lens. The most sensitive point is the center focus point and you need to keep your object in line with this point. You can lock the focus by pressing half the shutter and then recompose the shot to make it perfectly aligned and focused.

In order to capture an off-centered object, you must select an off-center focus point, which lines up the object. Apart from this, if you are using a wide aperture like f/2.8, try to avoid the lock focus method. It would help you to get a clear shot without getting it blurred.

Learn to use ISO

ISO is a way to measure the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light.  The ISO sensitivity is in numeric form like ISO 100, which represents the low sensitivity. This goes up to ISO 6400 and beyond to enhance the sensitivity. It helps you to controls the amount of light for a given exposure.

When using a ‘Low’ sensitivity, you require more light to achieve better exposure. Whereas, in high sensitivity, you can take an amazing shot even in low light conditions.

Don’t forget to use White Balance Settings

The white balance settings give a more natural look to your images. There is a variety of color casts in our photos and some of these colors don’t look natural at all.  This is the reason DSLR cameras come with white balance settings.

By choosing the right settings, you can overcome the issue of unnatural colors popping out of your photos. A few of the most commonly used white balance settings include Auto, Shade, Daylight, Tungsten, Cloudy, Flash, and Fluorescent.

Use a Tripod

The ability to stand still vary from person to person. This turns out to be a big problem when shooting with slower shutter speeds. However, you can fix this issue by arranging a quality tripod. This apparatus gives you the ability to shoot fireworks, nighttime exposures, and special effects.

For better results, you can use the built-in timer of a DSLR when attached to the tripod. This reduces the chances of shaking the camera while pressing your camera’s button.